NBD AI Bulletin,Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. (the Company, SH 600466, closing price: 5.21 yuan) announced on the evening of June 9 that its controlling shareholder, BRC Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd., released 80.54 million pledged shares of the Company.

According to the 2019 annual report, Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd.'s main businesses are real estate development & management, modern services, and drug sales, accounting for 92.91%, 4.01%, and 2.72% of its revenue, respectively.

Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. is chaired by Yang Keng, male, 59 years old, a graduate of Sichuan University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd.'s president is Chi Feng, male, 47 years old, with a Bachelor's degree in international economics at Jilin University and an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School.

(By Tan Yuhan)

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