NBD AI Bulletin,Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited (the Company, SH 601018, closing price: 3.46 yuan) announced on the evening of June 9 that Mr. Jiang Yipeng had applied to resign as a director and deputy general manager of the Company for work reasons, and also to resign as a member of the strategy committee of the Company' board of directors.

According to the 2019 annual report, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited's main businesses are integrated logistics and other business, container handling and related business, trade sales, other cargo handling and related business, iron ore handling and related business, crude oil handling and related business, and other undistributed income, accounting for 41.86%, 22.28%, 15.9%, 7.96%, 7.65%, 2.25%, and 1.41% of revenue, respectively.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited's chairman is Mao Jianhong, male, 56, Ph.D. in engineering, Chinese national. The general manager of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited is Gong Liming, male, 58, Master's degree, Chinese national, no overseas residence.

(By Li Menglin)

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